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Founded in 1608, Quebec City is a perfect learning abroad destination. With its French-speaking population, its beautiful historic city surrounded …

Montreal is the second largest French-speaking city after Paris. It is also a hive for education, innovation, business, the arts, culture, and much more …

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What partners have said


Through my professional career I have partnered with numerous organisations to send students for abroad curricular experiences. I have to say that Patrick Hurley and BV Study Abroad have been the most dedicated, professional, and accommodating. Through our partnership, they have worked closely with our administration and faculty members to ensure an annual experience that…

Owen Hooper Director, Accelerated Summer and Intersession Academic Programs Innovative Education, University of South Florida

As Canada is America’s largest trading partner, it is important to provide our students with a program to learn about our neighbour, to experience its culture, and to develop relationships for future opportunities. Under Patrick’s professionalism, dedication and coordination, student satisfaction has consistently been very high.

Sheb True, Ph.D Professor and Sr. International Liaison Officer for the Dean Coles College of Business at Kennesaw State University

We brought students to Quebec City for 10 days in July to work on their start-up projects with local entrepreneurs. It was an incredible, hands-on experience both academically as well as culturally. The students learned so much about Quebec City’s vibrant culture and its entrepreneurial spirit.

Audrey Loridan-Baudrier La Fondation Télécom, Paris, France